Everyday Prints for FREE at Artifact Uprising

Hey everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that I printed a set of calendar for 2017 from Artifact Uprising with my pictures and I absolutely loved it! I loved it so much that I gave away a few sets to some of my followers. 


So I'm very excited to announce my collaboration with Artifact Uprising. This time around, everyone gets ONE set of print (1 set contains 25 prints) for FREE! YAY! 


FREE Prints

Use code: Print25onkim


This freebie is only for their EVERYDAY Prints linked here. All you need to do is:

  • choose the size of the prints you want
  • click create your prints
  • you can upload your pictures or login to your Instagram (or other social accounts) to drag the pictures that you want to their Editor
  • use code Print25onkim (remember to login first)
  • the code can only be used once per account
  • the code is only valid until 15th August 2017

That's it! Happy creating and do share your prints with me by tagging me on Instagram, I would love to see it. 


***Please note that shipping is not included in this deal. And yes they ship worldwide.

Honeymoon Shoot with WanderZoom

As much as I love having my photos taken when I'm travelling (usually by my husband hehe), it's always better to have photos us two at our travel destination. Especially for this particular trip because it was our very much delayed, (by 2 years!) honeymoon trip! 

So I'm very happy we've engaged WanderZoom for this purpose. Not only did we get to keep our memories together in Copenhagen, we also got a free tour out of our photoshoot with our photographer Nick. 

He showed us places that the locals would go to for food, historical buildings and even told us about the property rental market in the city. Instead of bringing us to the usually crowded canals, he brought us to an equally beautiful canal with the famous colourful houses- minus the many MANY tourists! The area that he brought us around for photos is called Christianshavn. I highly recommend this place if you want to take serene and beautiful photos of the beautiful canal. 

I honestly think photos are the best form of souvenirs from your travels. 

Here are some of our souvenirs to you from Copenhagen :)

Thanks again WanderZoom for the awesome service!


2016 Recap


Happy New Year!

If you're new to this space of mine, each year I do a recap on my year and see if I've achieved my resolutions from last year. You can check out last year's post HERE

So this was last year's resolutions: 

-To blog more frequently

-Get even closer to God

-Progress more and hopefully hit all the targets set out job wise

-Lead a healthier lifestyle

-Be a good wife and cook better!


1. To blog more frequently - Compared to 2015, I definitely made the effort to blog more than the previous year, but it is still not enough because I still have SO MUCH more to share!

2. Get even closer to God - I'll be honest and admit that Iv'e slacked in this area this year, I didn't manage to do my SOAP journaling as per 2015. This doesn't mean that my faith has weaken, I've just been distracted. But in 2017, I'm determined to get back on my journey with God. On the same note, I can't wait to receive my Horacio Printing 2017 planner! I've been looking for a Faith based planner for the longest time and here it is! Will share more on this on a separate post

3. Progress more and hopefully hit all the targets set out job wise - There's been ups and downs in this department in 2016 but I've learnt so much running a WeChat ecommerce store and is so grateful for this experience. (p/s: I work as a Buss. Dev. Manager for an Online Pharmacy)

4. Lead a healthier lifestyle - Oh 2016 was definitely a year I explored fitness and healthy eating. I went to the gym more, found a workout I really love (Xtendbarre), made a lot of green smoothies that the recipe is now embedded in my head and bought heaps of sports bra! BUT I've also fell off the wagon many, many times (lots of Maccas indulgence in between). Hey as long as you do everything in moderation, I think we're alright.

5.  Be a good wife and cook better- Proud to say I've succeeded in this department, I can now bake a decent Butter Cake (Jason's favourite) without complication. I've also learnt how to cook new dishes, thanks to Tastemade! 


Resolutions for 2017:

  1.  Be closer to God and continue my SOAP journaling
  2.  Lead an even healthier lifestyle
  3. Go out and explore more on Photography 
  4. Be a better wife and have at least 3 signature dishes of my own

This is probably one of my favourite shoots from 2016, my sparklers edition for New Year. Hope you guys will love these pictures as much we did capturing them magical sparklers and editing.

For those who asked for my camera settings, here it is:


Gear- Canon 6D 50mm f /1.4 Settings- f/1.4, ISO 200, Shutter Speed 1/320. I shot these images during low light condition and I find it hard to edit some of the images. I'm no pro at this as I am still learning myself, but hope this will help you capture amazing sparklers photos.


Lounging with Love To Dress


Never thought I'd say this but I'm so proud to be wearing one of my good friend's design. Asma' has done so well for Love To Dress and I couldn't be happier for her!

She created a line of comfortable yet chic separates for lounging purposes that you can wear straight out of bed. I'm wearing their Raglan Bell Sleeves top and I absolutely LOVE the sleeves. The detail is just spot on and the stretchy yet structured material is the perfect combination.

I can lounge all day in this with my cup of coffee, a good book and a must, always, candles.

You can now shop their Lounge collection on FashionValet.com


Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you're having an amazing time with your loved ones this year. 


One of the things I enjoyed doing this Christmas is definitely making festive drinks. I had a lot of hot chocolate already and thought I should switch it up a bit. So I switched back to coffee but added cinnamon powder and also replaced regular milk with soy milk (I used Bonsoy). Also added a dash of brown sugar to bring out the flavour more. 

This accidental concoction is so delicious and it goes so well with my Gingerbread men cookies! Try this recipe out if you have time and let me know if you like it! 

  1. Instant coffee (espresso, whatever you prefer)
  2. Soy milk. I usually froth it before hand, I like warm and thick milk
  3. Cinnamon powder
  4. Brown Sugar
  5. Whipped Cream
  6. Gingerbread cookies!

Unboxing Chanel - Slingback


These shoes are SO gorgeous they deserve a post on it's own. I've seen these Slingback Pumps from Chanel on instagram so  many times before but sadly they were always sold out! So we finally located these babies in Dubai's Airport, yes Dubai. 

Dreams do come true!  

Or so I thought.

I finally found one in my size, or well I thought was in my size. They were a tad too big for me and I couldn't walk in them properly. I had to go in store to exchange them - for a credit note, as they don't have the exact style of these shoes.  When I was in the Chanel store, I also tried on another pair of shoes in a different style, turns out I can fit the shoes which were 2 size smaller than my usual size. Either my feet shrunk, or Chanel's sizing is inconsistent.  It was a sad sad day. 

At least I have pictures of them when they were mine for a brief moment. 

Now what should I get with the credit note? Hehe