Grey Minimalist in New York

You know when you first arrive in New York City, you would expect it to be like a scene from Sex and the City. I've watched the show countless times and I was always envious of how Carrie can rock a pair of Manolos down 5th Ave in her very chic ensemble. So I imagined that it'd be like that. LIES. ALL LIES. Unless you have a driver or you drive everywhere you go, strolling in heels was impossible in New York City. For me, at least. We had to take the subway, walk up and down 4 flights of stairs (very steep ones) to get to our lofts, run to catch the subway train and basically walk a lot on our feet. I brought my Jimmy Choos with me but never once worn them when I was in NYC. It was comfortable Nikes for me most of the time. 

I'm so glad my Nikes are in a shade that compliments most of my outfits. These shoes are so versatile, I wear them with my skirts too, like this grey knitted skirt ensemble. Strolling around New York with this outfit was the BEST. So easy breezy yet chic. I added a pop of colour by wearing a darker shade lipstick. 

I think every girl should own a pair of good looking sports shoes like these that they can bring with when they travel. Trust me, it saves lives!

What I Wore : Sunglasses - Dior So Cool, Cardigan - River Island, Tee - Topshop, Skirt- Valley Girl, Shoes - Nike, Bag - DVF