What I Wore: Monochrome T-Shirt Dress

What I Wore: T-Shirt Dress - Shop At Velvet , Backpack - TK Maxx, Watch - Daniel Wellington, Shoes - Dotti

Photos by Veendee, edited by me

As much as I love dressing up, most of the time, I love putting on clothing that is fuss free, comfortable yet still look put together. This T-Shirt dress is exactly it. Not only that, it's also in black and white. You can never go wrong with a classic combination of colours like that. I'm also diggin the whole 90's fashion vibe these days. 

When I was travelling in Nottingham (post coming up real soon! Can't wait to share!) I came across this shop called TK Maxx. Apparently they have discounted designer goods and the deals are pretty good, but I couldn't find anything branded that was decent in there. However, I was browsing through the backpack shelf and I came across this gem of a backpack. Priced at only £20 (approximately RM100/AUD30), it was such a bargain for a full leather brand new backpack. I always loved accidental finds, they are the best kind of purchases.

These shots were taken by my talented friend, Veendee, after our catch up in Bangsar, KL. I love the portraits she took of me when the sun was just about to set and we manage to capture some of it's evening glow. I will be sharing some portrait shots I took of this lovely lady in this space soon.