Milky Way in Queenstown,NZ

There's always a first for everything and this time, for me, it's Astro Photography. I've always been fascinated by all these amazing photographers capturing the Milky Way with amazing landscape. When I was in New Zealand earlier this year I knew I had to take the chance to try this out. We drove 20 minutes away from Queenstown to Crown Range look out point. It was pitch dark, perfect for capturing stars but the weather was SO cold! After my first attempt at capturing stars, I didn't feel the cold anymore cause I was so excited to see what I have captured with my trusty camera. The result was just wow because what you can't see with your bare eyes, will be captured on camera. It's like a kinder surprise, you never know what you have captured until you view the picture after. 

As it was my first time attempting this, I didn't know where the milky way was. I had to point my camera at a few spots to locate it. When I finally located it, our view was blocked by some trees. I also read somewhere if the Moon is too bright, it will affect the colour of the milky way and make it look washed out. The Moon was lit up so bright that night. However, I'm still happy I managed to capture part of the milky way. My pictures are no where near perfection but I decided to publish them here anyway to share it with you. This definitely won't be my last time chasing the Milky Way. 

If any of you out there have tips on Astro Photography, please do leave a comment below.