Bangkok Travel Diary

I've been to Bangkok several times now but I've never really blogged or documented it here. Most of the time was for my previous job as a Buyer and the rest were for stopovers. It was always a blur then. I remember I was in Bangkok with a couple of my friends a long time ago and we did all the touristy things. This time around, Jason and I wanted to just eat good food, go to Chatuchak market and visit the awesome cafes they have in Bangkok city. I also made a point to take some pictures for this space to share it with you. As usual, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

1. Tealily Cafe, Sukhumvit

This cute little cafe was hidden in one of the rows of houses in the busy Sukhumvit area. They serve all things green tea and have a cute little swing outside to enhance your green tea experience. Bonus if their beautiful cat is there.

2. Rocket Coffee Bar, Piman 49 Sukhumvit

This cafe is so good looking, it's ridiculous! From the hexagon tiles, to the big windows that screams 'amazing light' and not to mention inviting coffee aromas. Definitely worth a visit if you're craving for good coffee, especially those from Melbourne, this is pretty close to home.

3. KATI Restaurant, Piman 49 Sukhumvit

Just opposite Rocket Coffee Bar, is a pretty Thai cafe that serves the freshest food. We were in love with their Thai Tea Granita with Coconut Jelly. Locals wouldn't come here because the food they are serving are pretty much street food in a nice setting. As tourists, we didn't mind getting away from the heat and eating real Thai food.


4. Cruise Dinner, Chao Phraya River

One of the things we enjoyed doing this trip was splurged a little and had a romantic dinner while cruising on the river. It was an open air boat so we got to enjoy the sea breeze while dining. Again, the food was superb. Our favourite is the Masaman Beef curry dish. Apparently it's a very popular, common Thai dish but Jason and I have never had it before. The flavours literally exploded in our mouths.


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5. Vertigo Rooftop Bar, Banyan Tree Hotel

We stayed at the Banyan Tree so it was easy access for us to the bar. We didn't dine there but we dined at Saffron, one of their Thai restaurant again, with flavoursome Thai dishes. This bar has the most amazing Bangkok city view. That's all. 

6. Platinum Mall Food Court

The food here s cheap and absolutely amazing. Usually the food in Bangkok's shopping mall are honestly quite crap, but this one is my favourite. Every time I'm in Bangkok, it's a must to dine here. I only eat two things from here. First is their pork noodles second is their scrumptious Mango Sticky Rice.


7. Chatuchak Market

It was my first time at the market (I've been to Bangkok more than 5 times and have never been here!) and boy I was blown away. There are no words to describe it, you just have to be there. Unfortunately I was too engrossed with the amazing products they offered there, I didn't take any pics with my camera but here is my Snapchat (@kimleow) video that I recorded.