The Pink Lake

The Pink Lake

In Melbourne city, we are fortunate enough to have our very own man made 'pink' lake at the Westgate Park. What makes it pink is the high salt content in the lake and the warm weather condition. Otherwise, it will just be blue. Apparently during Summer it will be pink and during Autumn and Winter it will turn back to blue again. For those of you who are not familiar with Australia's seasons, Summer is from December to February and Autumn is from March to May. 

However, I was there again in July (second month of Winter) and the lake was still pink! Look at how pink the lake looks despite the chilly weather. So I reckon you should give it a shot even though it's the Winter season, it really is a feast to the eyes.

Taken from my Instagram feed:


And of course I had to take some pictures with my trusty DSLR. Thank God for a very patient husband because the sun was right above our head and it was rather difficult to shoot. We had brunch that morning and thought hey let's go check out the lake. We did and there were no regrets. The first time I saw it, I'm pretty sure I squealed a little. Just a little. 

What I Wore: Long Trench - Cotton On, Top - SEED, Skirt -Miss Selfridge, Espadrilles -SEED, Sling Bag - Coach