Almost Silver Balayage Ombre

After 3 rounds of bleaching, 2 rounds of toning and another layer of colour, I finally got the colour that I've always wanted. I wanted silver/ash blonde hair but didn't want it to look too drastic hence I opt for the Balayage/Ombre style. Initially I did my hair at another salon but was not happy with the end result. Before I could take a good look at my hair after, I was asked to pay immediately as the salon was closing. I thought that was really rude and therefore I am never going to that same place again. We shall not name the salon cause that's just mean. You can see from the photo below how 'unfinished' my hair before looked compared to after. I had to get my hair fixed at another salon (JISU design) and was absolutely surprised at the outcome. Even my stylist (Hiro) didn't know my hair would turned out silver-ish. Yay!

I decided to take some self portraits of my hair because with colours like these, it doesn't last very long. My stylist told me that the colour would fade away after 2 weeks. And true enough, the colour is starting to fade. But with the help of 'Purple Shampoo' my hair hasn't turned brassy yet. My advise to those of you who want shades like silver/ash blonde, be prepared to spend lots of money maintaining it. I really love the end result but honestly don't know if I am able to keep up with it. At least now I have photos for memories sake and I can look back and say I once had silver hair.  :P