2015 Recap

Happy New Year!!!


I can't believe a year has passed me by, in a blink of an eye. For me this year has gone by extremely fast! And what a year it has been!

And. Yikes, my blog has been on a hiatus for a good 2 months. *guilty as charged* 

I think besides being able to travel so much this year, the most epic moment I had in 2015 was being to able do a photo shoot at a helipad in Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to my very good friend Asma'.

As usual, a recap post is very important to me on my blog. I love reflecting on the past year and compare it to the previous years to see what I have and have not achieved. Here's my post on 2014 recap  and this is what I said I'll do in 2015:

Here’s to hoping that I will continue to grow career wise, be able to travel and live like a local, be closer to God and obviously have a happy marriage life with Jason in 2015!

1. Growing career wise - I am beyond blessed to be able to find a flexible paying job that suits my lifestyle in 2015. Many of you have asked how can I travel so much and do I actually work? So here's your answer. Yes I travel a lot and yes I also do work. VitsKit.com is my new baby that I've been working on. Just putting the link here makes me slightly nervous! It's still 'a little rough around the edges' but please do check it out and show me some love :) I am still learning heaps as this is a completely new industry to me but I'm more than happy to welcome the challenges that comes with.

2. Be closer to God - I did my first S.O.A.P journaling in 2015 and I loved it. What I did was, every morning when I wake up, instead of spending time on my phone checking Instagram ( I can spend hours on it!) , I spend an hour or two with God seeking his words. And can I tell you how fulfilling that has been? So yes this has been ticked off the list too. I hope to be able to do this for longer period of time in 2016.

3. Happy marriage life - I am not one to elaborate on my personal life on my blog but I can confirm that we are still VERY much happily married. Jason really and truly is the man of my dreams. Enough said :)

4. Travel and live like a local - And that, I did. Many, many , many times in 2015. This is the year that I've traveled so much. Just thinking about it puts a huge silly smile on my face. Because I've been such a slack on my blog, I will do a quick snapshot on each city I've been to by month.

December - Seoul ,Tokyo, Bali


October - Tasmania


Mount Wellington


September - London, Nottingham, Amsterdam ,New York. You can also click here to look at my New York trip from Asma's perspective.


August - Daylesford


July - Bangkok

March - Krabi

April - New Zealand

January  - Langkawi


12 cities in a year. Best travel year so far. I seriously can't wait to share all my pictures in this space.


-To blog more frequently

-Get even closer to God

-Progress more and hopefully hit all the targets set out job wise

-Lead a healthier lifestyle

-Be a good wife and cook better!