Embroidery Love

Currently in love with everything embroidery at the moment. I saw this dress in Zara while I was window shopping, yes JUST window shopping, and it was staring right back at me. I couldn't help it, I knew I had to bring this baby home and of course, I did. It was a beautiful moment and there were no regrets at all! (Maybe my husband's wallet cried a little)

The details are so spot on and I love how the black base of the dress brings out the rich colours of the embroidery even more. 

I was so excited to wear this dress out that I wore it out for dinner the same day I bought it. Because the dress was already so loud, I paired it with a statement bag and a simple pair of sandal heels. And voila! 


What I Wore: Embroidery Dress- Zara, Heels - Zara, Bag - Chanel Boy