8 hours in Singapore


I thought I'd do a fun and short video about our layover in Singapore for 8 hours via Jetstar on the way back to Australia. This is my first time making a travel video so please do excuse me for my noob cameraman skills (note shaky hands and blurry videos) but nonetheless we had so much fun in that short 8 hours!

We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did filming it:


We decided to check in at Aerotel transit hotel. BEST decision ever! I know some have said why bother checking in when it's only 8 hours. But can I tell you how GOOD it felt to be able to shower and change into dry comfy clothes before our flight? Other than that, the view was amazing from our room! We could see planes land and take off. We were also able to leave our hand carry in the room while we explore Singapore. There's also an outdoor swimming pool, at the airport! How cool is that. The hotel charges by hour (minimum of 6 hours) and it really is perfect for those transiting in the wee hours of the morning.

Places we went :

  1. Aerotel - Changi Airport
  2. One Fullerton (to see the amazing view of Marina Bay Sands)
  3. No Signboard Seafood Restaurant (for their famous, delicious but expensive Chilli Crab -so worth it though)

With the limited time we had, we had to choose between P.S Cafe or Chilli Crab, we obviously went for the latter because we can always get good coffee in Australia. Perhaps next time we could do a bit of cafe hopping because this definitely won't be our last time in Singapore.

What I wore in the video:

 Top - Portmans, Leggings- Adidas, Shoes - Nike Toki Slip Ons, Bag - Fendi Du Jour.

Most of the footage were captured on my iPhone6 and some with my Canon 6D.