"Because you're worth it!"

Kimmy will be working for Loreal Australia!!
No, not as a sales person! *cough*sarah*cough* But as a Finance Intern for 12 whole months!

You can never imagine how excited and happy I was when Loreal called me!! I was ecstatic beyond words!!

See, it is a requirement for 3rd year accounting students at RMIT to undertake a 12 months internship with a company in our related field.

RMIT provides information about the future employers & all , but we still have to work our butt off to make sure we get an interview and actually secure a job. It's not an easy thing to do when you have every 2nd year accounting major students competing with you.

I applied for more than 10 companies and have been rejected by, well almost all of them.
Therefore, my Dad, helped me out to get a job in Melbourne. See, it would be great if my Dad could get me job but, it would be based on "connections". I am not against it, but doesn't it always feel better when you are the one who put in all the effort to get what you want?

Nevertheless, I am very very, very grateful for my Dad's effort :) I love you Dad! (He helped me in securing a summer internship with KPMG kl, which unfortunately, I have to turn down =/ )

So, Loreal was the only company who called me for an interview. (because they do not require work experience- woohoo for me!)
There were two stages to this process. The first was a 2 hour test, then based on our performance for the tests, we are then short listed for the second round.
The second round interview was to meet the two financial controllers of Loreal. It was my first time and I was bloody nervous! I tried my very best to hide my nervousness- I was peeling the cuticles around my nails most of the time.

The interviewers were not that scary, but because it was my first time meeting them, I got scared a bit. Thus, I didn't get to answer the questions as well as I expected myself to.

They were taking 2 to 3 interns, and I happened to be one of the lucky ones!:)
I can honestly say that I am proud of myself in getting this position, without any 'connections' Haha!

Thanks to my family-esp my parents for always supporting me, the bf ,for accompanying me -twice to Sandringham for the interviews, and friends who supported and gave me encouragement!

You guys are the best:)

Kimmy will be working under the Loreal Professional Division! (the hair products you see @ salons)

I cannot wait to start!

Downside of this job is the travel. It takes approximately 30-40 mins train ride to Sandringham. But hey, I am not complaining! =)

Now, I have one less thing to worry about. It's time to dedicate all of my remaining for my finals! Which is one more week from now! Shyt....

Anyways, because I was too excited to continue studying, I went to the city for a walk with Shura Bhoora! Though I didn't buy anything, it's always nice to look at clothes and try them without buying them! =)

Shura was looking for red lipstick for her upcoming performance:

So we went to MAC to look for one.., and we found this really rich red coloured one! Gorgeous gorgeous colour! I think it looked fab on Shu!

My current ScreenSaver:
and Wallpaper:
Thanks to Coach!
Also, why are these two ppl.. so damn good looking! Grrr.....

I won't be blogging from today onwards, unless something extra extra ordinary happened!
I need to study study study!!!!!
** I will be going to back to KL during the first or second week of November!:) Wee!
***Working life will start 10th December..That means no New Year's & Chinese New Year celebration in KL:( Mahjong sessions during CNY will be truly missed!
****Sarah-Jean, so sorry about your birthday thingy- you know I would have loved to stay and be part of it :)
G'night peeps!