Chadstone II

Before I start my Chadstone journey, I'd like to share my new favourite LBD (little black dress)
Found this gorgeous piece in Sportsgirl when I was passing by (this is what happens when you live in the city!)
Unlike the other stuff normally seen in sportsgirl, this is designed by a local designer brand -StateOfGeorgia.
Me loveeee the dress-
it cost me a bomb, this piece is equivalent to what I spent on Brunswick! but I think it's well worth it.:)
Chadstoneeeeeee II
We started off with lunch at Chadstone.
I just had to take pics of the sushi train! So cute!

Mini make up session @ Myer's-Kit
"Fat" Yes the name of the store is FAT.
They've got really nice clothes (check out the mannequin) but the prices are kinda expensive.

I would have enjoyed Chadstone more if it wasn't for the bad headache I had. You can't tell from the pics, but my headache was badddddd!
Two more days and I'm off to KL !! WOOHOOO!:)