All 3 of us went to Chadstone on Friday to do a lil' shopping!

Thanks to SueBabe for the ride! ( the one on the fair right)The christmas gifts were all so nicely wrapped up!

I really wanted to take them all home- for myself!

We ended up buying this really cute make up set from KIT.

It's just too adorable- we couldn't resist it!

You should've seen our expressions when the sales lady turned on the lights!!

Too cute. Been doing lotsa online shopping lately

Pre and Post examination! :) Stress lah..

ME love online shoppingggg- it is so addictive!

Got myself a pair of jeans leggings! one is super duper comfortable and nice! The other (more expensive one) was nice but not so comfortable. (Downside of online shopping- rarely happens though) Also, got a vintage dress from BambooStereo and a ruffles victorian blouse from HK.

I'm still waiting for one more to arrive before I go home! :)

I love holidays!:) Laptop's back on my table.

Oh. Guess what came in to my mailbox on Friday? :)

Yeay! It's official now!:) In black&white! Now my dad will stop bugging me 'bout it! Some may know why..

More bout Chadstone when I get hold of 'em pics.

Ohhh I just heard about the Live and Loud music festival in KL! I'm definitely going for the Acoustic one with my Sister. James Morisson better not be sick again or I will not be his fan anymore!!

Anybody wants to go to rest with me?? :)