Because I feel like blogging today.

Susan has successfully converted me.
She was the first to introduced me to ViVi magazine. Needless to say, I fell in love with the mag.
That's when my Jap Magz obsession began!
I never bothered picking them up though they look very appealing- cause I can't read Jap for nuts! and the price that comes with it isnt cheap ya'll!
So. When I was in KL, I persuaded my parents to take the family to KLCC, just so that
I could get my hands on those magz in Kinokuniya!
*click on pics for a better view*
JJ & ViVi
Normally, I can finish browsing a mag in an hour or 2 (if i read all the materials). But these mags- would take me more than a day!
That's cause there are so much things in one page! seriously, so many pretty stuff to look at.
You really don't need to know Japanese to get what they're trying convey!
Every page- I mean literally- everyy page is filled with colourful pics! (just how i like it =) )

They have really pretty models too. All these pics are from JJ magazine. I bought it when I was in KL, only had time to read it now. (Yes, I brought two HEAVY magz all the way back to Melbourne Teehee!)

How cute is that dress above! I would so wear it! *grrr* I bet it costs alot :( and the pink shoes and grey stockings! So Chic- I wanttt

They even have a guide on what to wear and do when you meet the parents! HAHA!

Pretty bags and pretty boi. (Not my type-unfortunately. Daniel Henney babeyh!)

Yummy Yummy Desserts!

Though they have very good taste in clothes and the way they present the latest trends and what not , well not everything in there is what I would consider nice- like the pic above. (-_-)

That's it from JJ mag! Next up would be ViVi!

They have the prettiest model-ever!

Sneak peek!

(Just look at them-- *sigh*)