L'oreal Conference '08 Day 1

I've got the opportunity to go to the L'oreal Professional Products Division 2008 Conference.
Woohoo! It was a great experience!!

It started off with buffet lunch at Crown Towers.

Food was not bad at all.
After lunch, the conference started.
At the entrance, there were "paparazzi" taking pictures of all the people who were walking in to the hall! LOL

Some pics from the conference.

Kerastase had some opera singers singing french songs and a few models show casing their latest products.

The last model came out with a dog- which hair was so smooth and silky and shining than human being i know! You just feel like reaching out and touching it!

Matrix- another brand under L'oreal had some dancers performing.
The dancer in the fire fighter outfit was hot!!
The 4 AFL Richmond Club's players.

I thought the dancer as hot, but the AFL player on the far left beat him!

After the Conference, we hopped on an old school Double Decker bus to the dinner venue.
The place was called Althem- it takes around 45 minutes in a normal car to reach there but because the bus was so slow..it actually took us an hr and 15 mins to reach there. Also, the whole ride was bumpy and noisy. Not good.....

The venue was absolutely breath taking. (Despite people telling me that it was haunted- the place did look very vintage and kind of spooky at some areas)

The food there was great too!

That pretty much sums up the first day of the conference.
Because I'm in the finance department and not the marketing, I had to go back to the office the next day to continue working.
We didn't get to go for all the events, but we did get to experience bits and pieces of it.
The next day after work, I went for Kerastase's night activity and dinner.