L'oreal Conference Day 2- Kerastase Dinner

Kerastase's dinner was held at Yarra Valley, a place where there were lots and lots of local winery there.
The one we went to was Chandon.
Another longggg ride but well worth it:) (The bus ride was much more comfortable)

We were served a glass of champagne & finger food when we arrived and were given introduction of the winery.
After that, we had a tour around the place.

The dinner took place at the wine cellar itself!
Ambiance in there was really cosy and romantic and very posh as well.

We were also given a wool scarf each as a gift.
The food there was so so good! I was too full to fit dessert in my tummy. Cheese and biscuits were served, but I just couldn't handle it anymore. Wine were served along with the meals. We had 4 different kind of wines on that table. Some of it were nice but some were just..bahhh...

The whole experience was very..luxurious. A little too luxurious for me though. :)

Because I like the rose (pronoucned ro-zey) they served so much, I bought one for myself at the gift shop. I thought it was going to be really expensive but it cose me $35 bucks, which I think is not bad.

That's end of day 2. Day 3 was the day of the gala dinner which I helped set up table seatings and etc. I