L'oreal Gala Dinner

Finally, the gala dinner came and gone.
It was held at Studio 3 at Crown Towers as well.
The venue was decorated beautifully.
Food was great as well.
We had some prawn salad as entree, a choice of Salmon/Chicken for main, and cookies&cream mousse as dessert (which was so yummm).

Here are some pics from the night:

One of the marketing girls from Loreal Professional.

Besides dinner, awards were given out too.
After that, people started filling up the dance floor.
I would've stayed longer for the after party, but my toes were so painful I had to leave early.
My toes felt like it was going to come off!!!
Bloody shoes! :( :(

I still like it... but I don't think I'll wear it anytime soon..

That's the end of the conference :)
It was sucha good experience.
I really do feel lucky to be given an opportunity to work with L'oreal.
So, I heard that there would be another conference in the middle of the year :)
Woohoo! I'm excited already. (fingers crossed)