Rose St Artists' Market

I figured, I might as well blog everything now since I'm in blogger already, if not I'm not sure when I'll blog next :)

I decided to check out this market called Rose St Market in Fitzroy.
Very close to the popular Brunswick St Shopping district.

They have various artists show casing their creation there.
Price of their stuff are generally quite expensive because honestly, they're pretty exclusive, you can't get them anywhere else.

I bought 3 brooches from this particular booth. They're so cute!
Adrina & I love the design on these bags. So original. If you ever get bored of the face of the bag you can always go back there on Saturday and buy a new face to attach it to the bag! The face is detachable. How creative is that??

Adrina bought a bag for herself and I bought a smaller one with a coin purse.
The illustration is so nice.
Mini Cactus!! They were so puny!
The owner even sells cactus key ring pendant.

Didn't spend a lot of time there at the market. It's pretty small actually. They had a few more awesome stuff but I only got to take a few pictures.
After the market, we headed on to Brunswick for more shopping! And to the city for a lil bit more shopping. hehe!

I finally found the oxford-style shoes that I've been looking for ages.
WEE!! I was so happy!
My new red beanie and my heart-felt brooch!
L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival is coming up! Woot! I bought tickets for one of the fashion show already. And no, I did not get any free tickets because this is an event under the consumer divison- the make up side.