Vintage shoes, please?

claire inc-ebay

I've been obsessing over these boots lately on eBay.
It's so depressing that there is only ONE pair selling on atm,

most of them are from the US.

Too bad , the size is a tad too big for poor ol' me. Also, the price is ridiculous.

$75.00 AUD and 6 more days till the auction ends. Crazy.

backstreetvintage- eBay US

Granny pixie ankle boots -folded cuffs

backstreetvintage- eBay US

Brown one isn't bad as well

The postage cost is killing me..............

ladylovevintage-eBay AU

This one could be a sub for my Dr. Martins lusitng.

More ladylike and less chunky.

But this too is getting more expensive. Boo...

apurseparty- eBay US
Black and White Wing Tip Shoes

hmmm, if it stays cheap I'm definitely adding this to my shoes collection!

*fingers crossed*

Brown Brogue.

No, I'm not planning to buy these too.

However, I'm waiting for my mom's old and mind you, VERY well kept brogue to arrive in July when she comes to visit! Looks similar to the one above, just less shiny and patterns/holes.

Yes, she's coming in July woottt! How exciting!

Talking 'bout my mom, she loves clearing out her old stuff and giving them to other people.
I asked her last year where were the items that she wore in her old 80's pictures, she told me she gave them to her sisters, which were then passed on to nieces and so on.

Me: What? Why did you give it to other people before asking me?
Mom: I asked you before whut, you said "yerrr, so ugly, i don't want", so I gave it to others lah.

I seriously don't remember her offering me those vintage goodies when I was younger.

The thing is, I wouldn't have appreciated vintage goods as much as I have now, back then.

If only I could turn back time, - I would be saving lots now. Bummer.

At least she didn't give away those awesome brogues of hers- =)