If I was a rich girl

CC Skye cannot do this to me..

No, no, NO! Not when I'm trying to save up :(

Not so long ago, I decided to spoil myself by purchasing the Double Wrap Bracelet in black leather.

While flipping through the September issue of CLEO yesterday, I saw this....

A model wearing CC Skye's double wrap bracelet in Light Pink Leather!

p/s: How cute are her sunnies!

It's the perfect accessory for Spring!

I'm not gonna fall for this one (clearly, I have, If not I wouldn't have made a post about it, who am i kidding?!)No, I'm staying strong. I will not be purchasing this lovely bracelett. I've already got friends who are giving me a hard time for purchasing the black one.

One wanted to prove to me that she could get a similar one for quarter or less than the price I paid for. (She was right, although she didn't get to find one, but I saw one on ASOS for a much lesser price)

*sigh* Somehow Gwen Stefani's song, rich girl is playing in my head now. (which explains the title)

It's ok, I am very much satisfied with my current black CC skye.

Light pink or black? I'll choose the black one anytime. :)