Lace Gloves

I've been looking for a pair of lace gloves for a while now, Petrova's (project runway australia) lil' blue dress paired with an adorable pair of lacey-shiny gloves convinced me to get me self a pair.

Picture from
Too bad I can't find any pictures of the gloves to share it here.
I found a pair on ebay for a fairly reasonable price. I initially wanted a pair of black ones but the ones on ebay look too gothic for my liking.
I got a pair of white ones instead! The thing with the white one is, well it's too WHITE! Too bridal-ish.
So I thought to myself, there goes your money, down the drain again! =( I'm never gonna wear it.
Until I watched Project Runway Australia on Monday night. One of the contestants dip his long train of lace in a bucket of black tea! The colour turned out gorgeous! So I decided to do a lil DIY project for my gloves!
And lookie look what I did! Woohoo! :)


Now, I'm thinking of making it fingerless, yes or no? hmmm.