Assignment nombre deux

Task : Create 2 masks using different portraits of random people.
Technic: Create one side of the mask and make it symmetrical for the other side of the mask.
Tools used: Brush tool/Eraser Tool/Text/Bevel & Emboss/Drop Shadow
Using Text Tool 
Numbers & symbols used : (8)(*)( })(5)(~)
Using Brush & Eraser Tool
Freehand brush drawing, elliptical marque tool

Click on pics for a better view

Rushed this assignment cause I just realized the due date is this Friday! 
and I wouldn't have time to do it on Thursday night or on Friday itself..
I hate rushing for photoshop assignment...because it limits my creative capacity! 

Easter break is not a break at all... I've got so much stuff due, it's not even funny.
Next up: Financial Planning (planification financière)  worth 25%!!! (50 mcq's & 4 short answers)

je déteste vraiment étudier la planification financière