Le dîner d'anniversaire à 'hôtel de Langham

This year we had our anniversary dinner at The Melba, Langham Hotel
It was a dinner buffet

Great food,
nice ambience,
friendly staff
and of course,
awesome company :)

Pictures taken from themelbarestaurant.com.au

Because, when there's food, there isn't time to take much pictures- of the food at least!

This was the only one I took.
The other was a blur picture of Chocolate Naan, which was so good! 


le petit ami

Merci beaucoup pour le dîner. C'est splendide! 

*I'm thinking if I should continue with French next semester.
Even though it's exhausting, but I'm doing pretty good in that subject. (HD so far! Yeah baby!)
But the oral part of it is killing me.
Not only that, we've finished half the textbook but I am still using the very very basics!

**Exams are starting in 3 weeks time!! oh no...... so many assignments due and tests coming up. Die die die... 

*** Chat box taken out because I prefer getting comments via comment box! Thanks :)