The Joy Pledge

I've decided to join the joy pledge:

"Enter: the joy pledgea dedicated effort to find and choose joy on a regular basis in hopes that sharing it will, in turn, inspire others to choose joy as well."

the joy pledge.

"How it works:
There are no rules to the joy pledge. This isn’t a weekly or monthly project, or something dedicated solely to photos or solely to words. A joy pledge post stems purely from inspiration. Maybe it’s a photo of a sunset, or a description of a newly mastered yoga pose. It might be a recorded conversation with a stranger, or a picture of the best cupcake you’ve ever had the pleasure of sampling. A joy pledge post exists to share and inspire the art of finding and choosing joy at every available opportunity.
If you choose to take the joy pledge, the same rules (or lack thereof) apply to you. Bonus points will be awarded to those who can find joy in the most uncommon (and perhaps unjoyful) places.
This isn’t about me, and it’s not about you. This is about uscreating, sharing, and inspiring joy with and for each other. This is our year. Let’s not let it go to waste, but do good with it. "

If you're like me or Ashlee and would like to share joyous moments do join the pledge