LMFF: Fashion Weekend

20th March 2011

LMFF together with SHOP til you drop organized a fashion market held at Central Pier, Docklands.
The market started on Friday 18th and ended on Sunday 20th March.
Entry tickets for the Fashion Weekend were $10AUD, and trust me this market is worth your $10AUD!

There were designers like Vivienne Westwood, Winter Kate, House of Harlow, Arabella Ramsay, and many more.

The fashion market was perfect for a much needed girly time with two of my favourite girls.
Before the market, we decided pay the Powder Room a visit (again!) as there were not much queue. Woohoo! :)
The last time I went, I had my nails done. This time, I decided to do my hair instead. Apparently the hairstylists were really good at braiding and also Lady Gaga's famous "Bow" hairstyle.

Us girls:

In the Powder Room getting my hair done, the hairstylist was a bit grumpy cause it was really stuffy and hot in the room:

This was what she did for me, a side braided ponytail! I loveeeeeee it!:

I personally like the braid that one of the hairstylists did for Cheryl too:

Random girl getting her hair done, pretty ain't it?:

We proceeded to the fashion market straight after:


The market was really good! We managed to bag a few awesome items, each, back home.

The Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoe section was CRAZY! It was like a fish market. You can see girls holding on to shoes and not letting them go even if there aren't in their shoe sizes.

House of Harlow's jewelries were selling like hot cakes too. It was our first stop at the fashion market and we just had to reserve a few for ourselves.

There were two sections to the market, the other section where Arabella Ramsay, Metalicus and the likes were, was not very impressive. I expected more from Arabella Ramsay but it was.. meh...

After the fashion market, our tummies were growling so badly.
So off we went to Liar Liar Cafe in Hawthorn.
It's one of my favourite breakfast places in Melbourne.

If you haven't already tried this place, I highly recommend that you do.
Satisfaction guarenteed!

I underestimated how hot the weather was that day, so I changed into the Shakuhachi dress I bought from the market before we went to Liar Liar:

My other buys from the market:
Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes
House of Harlow necklace
I'm really happy with my buys!! Such a bargain for all these items.

One last picture of the braid, cause I love it so much: