LMFF : VIP Shopping and Fashion Party, Chadstone

16th March 2011
After a gruelling day at work, my boss decided to let me off early and coincidentally Cheryl invited me to join her for a shopping trip to Chadstone and also for the VIP sales event.
All shops were open from 9am - 11pm on that day! Also, most shops were having 20 - 30% off full priced items! SCORE!

So I rushed home, got dressed and rushed out again to catch the 5pm free shuttle bus to Chadstone.

On arrival, complimentary champagne:

Most stores had sweet treats to lure you into their stores, the one below is from Tilkah:
Looks good, but taste was mehhh..

Qee Designer Toy Exhibition - where Art meet Fashion:
Peter Alexander's design was my favourite cause it reminds me of my puppy:
We had some time before the the free fashion show (by David Jones) started, so we made a quick trip to Dotti cause Cheryl wanted to get a knit sweater. 

Little did I know, I too "needed" a knit so I succumbed to shopping pressure and splurge a little. *sigh*

Dotti had a photo booth outside their doors, we couldn't help but stopped by and took a few shots:

An hour before the Runway show:

Before the Runway show:
It was so packed, we couldn't find a proper space to view the fashion show cause we were late.
We were too busy shopping.. Boo..! 

The crowd:

I managed to take some decent shots of the outfits, but some shots were awful.

Some of the designers for the Runway are Lisa Ho, Bettina Liano, Arthur Gallan, Alannah Hill, Calvin Klein, Camilla and Marc, Jimmy Choo and many more.

These are some of the looks that I liked, the second dust pink lace top and pants were my favourite:

After the show we went to Capital Kitchen for dinner:
Super yummy french fries with spicy mayo dip

After dinner it was more shopping for us! But by the time we finished dinner, most of the good stuff were gone. It was impossible to find our sizes for the items that we wanted.
Melbourne has some crazy shoppers I tell ya.

Sportsgirl's 'I <3 Me' display:
Can you guess who they are?

What I wore:
Top: gmarket korea Bottom: Cheap Monday Shoes: Sportsgirl Bag: Prada