Marie Claire with L'Oreal Paris Beauty Workshop

18th March 2011

The beauty workshop was held at Sofitel Hotel, Melbourne and hosted by L'Oreal Paris make-up guru, Rae Morris and beauty editor of Marie Claire, Emily Strong.

They demonstrated three looks altogether:
  1. Flawless Look
  2. Statement Eyes
  3. Luscious Lips
I would only recommend this workshop to those who has absolutely no clue on how to put on make-up, cause honestly there's nothing you can't get off youtube. However, it was pretty insightful and a fun event to attend to. 

During my lunch break, I quickly gobbled down my food just so I could make it to the workshop on time.

The scene:

The stage (it was a fullhouse!):

Rae Morris:

 A beauty workshop book were given out to guests to take down notes during workshop:

Look 1: Flawless Face
Look 2: Statement Eyes

I learnt a great tip on how to draw the wing tip for eyes.
All you have to do is get a piece of tape, tape it at the corner of your eyes and draw towards your eyes:

Look 3: Luscious Lips

End of the workshop:

Model before and after make-up:
Doesn't she resemble Victoria's Secret model, Alessandra Ambrossio when she smiles? 
I really think she should smile more. She looks so pretty when she smiles.
Throughout the whole show, she looked so angry and sad. (re, after make up photo)

The whole workshop ran for exactly an hour.
It was back to the office for more work after the workshop. 

The goodie bag:
Marie Claire magazine, L'Oreal Paris Elnett hairspray, Elvive hair serum and shampoo, red lipstick, and mascara.
With the bestie at Forever New's changing room:
knit: dotti, lavender print dress: valleygirl, hosiery: sportsgirl, boots: ice, bow necklace: eBay, ring: secondhand market