Mt Dandenong

Tea Leaves & Miss Marples, Mt Dandenong

On Labour Day (14th March), we headed up to Mt. Dandenong for some scrumptious scones.
Little did we know, we had to queue for a ridiculous amount of time just to get some of 'em scones.
The waiting time was at least 1.5 hours! My jaw literally dropped when I heard about it.

Please do not go there during public holidays, the waiting time was absurd (the waitresses were really cranky too cause of the amount of people they had to serve) but when the scones arrived, it was very much worth it though.

Yummms! :)

We went to the nearby teapots and leaves shop to kill time before Ms. Marples.
I wanted to bring back all those pretty teapots but they were kinda overpriced.  :/


I love the strawberry girl teapot, so freaking cute; I die!!:

When I grow old, I wanna be just like them; sipping on a cuppa tea and enjoying biscuits *bliss*:
LeSpecs sunglasses, topshop cape top, valleygirl shorts, wittner bag, bonita bow ring.

Emo cause there's an attractive girl behind me:
Hehe just kidding :) but she is attractive though. 

Finally, we were seated at Ms. Marples:
Yummers!!! I'm getting hungry now just by looking at the above picture -_-"

Sometimes I wonder don't other people feel bad dining for hours and hours when they know there are other people waiting for them to finish so that others too can enjoy the food? 
There was a family seated at a table for an extra hour after they have finished their entree/mains/desserts/coffee&tea. -_- I thought that was a bit selfish of them to do so. 

I would feel really bad having other people look at me eat, while they have to wait for hours for their turn. Wouldn't you?