Of Japanese Food and Kracie's Poppin' Cookin'

While having lunch at Kaneda with my sister today, she told me that I should get her some "sushi-making-candy" for her 21st birthday this year.

She showed me a picture of it and it looks like this:
credit: berrysprite
At first I was like... Whaaaaa....t??? =____= 

She wants that as opposed to... I don't know.. nice silver jewellery, like the ones that come in a turquoise box with finishing touches of a white ribbon?! *sigh* 
I found out that they are available at amazon.co.jp, maybe I might just get her some. Just so I can play with it too! hehe :)

So the "sushi making candy" pack is called Kracie's Poppin' Cookin'. It's an instant candy making kit in which you can DIY your own sushi lookalike candy. It's actually pretty interesting how they are made:

credit: berrysprite
Watch the video below and you'll get what I mean:

I'd be thrilled if I grew up in Japan with all these DIY candy kits to play with. It's a dream come true for kids. Instead of fake teas or cakes for barbie play time, you get edible miniature sushi in which you can DIY!

Anyway, pictures of our mini lunch date : 
Kaneda; Chinatown, Melbourne
oh hello there!
My lil sis who's camera shy

My beef shogoyaki bento set

On a sort of related note, the after effect of the recent the tsunami earthquake in Japan is devastating. Looking at the picture below, it made my heart sank.. 
The world might just come to an end sooner than we think. 
Scary thought ain't it?

Whirlpool near Oarai City, Japan:
credit: guillee

Folks, live life to the fullest starting today.