Camberwell Market

One of my favourite things to do on Sundays, besides having brunch, is to visit Camberwell Market here in Melbourne.

The market normally runs form 6 am till around 12.30pm.
I've never been there at 6 am before cause... it's Sunday and I like to sleep in a little thank you, but apparently people actually buy from other stalls at a very cheap price and then sell it again at their own stall at a higher price. hmm interesting.

We started the day with a freshly fried warm jam doughnut each:

There are so many things to look at, from vintage treasures:

to... well, not so treasured items:
circa MC hammer? Lol.
I just love browsing through other people's old junks and I love it even more if I can find something I like, at a bargain.

Got myself a vintage Cellini leather bag which was in such a good condition, that I didn't even bother to bargain with the seller.