Finders Keepers Market

26th March 2011

The finders keepers market was held at Central Pier Docklands.
Upon arrival, the smell of coffee and barbecue sausages greeted us, much to our delight.
We were so so hungry.

After a cuppa coffee we started browsing around.
It was such a visual feast to my eyes!! 
There were so many things to see.
So colourful and so pretty!
From clothing, to accessories to lights and furniture and also stationeries. 

There was also a photo booth for you to take pics with your friends or families. (Also in support of ethical clothing.)
It's sort of a tradition for both Cheryl and I to visit photo booths whenever we're at an event, no matter how long the queue is. 

Need I say more? 
It was great start to my Saturday morning :)


Stuff that I brought home with me:

*I was going for the whole scrap booking look but I don't think I'm quite there yet. Practice makes perfect I guess :)