I love Japanese food in Melbourne.
It's the only cuisine that I can never get sick of having every week!

Gaijin tops my list of favourite Japanese Fusion restaurants in Melbourne.
They're located at 135 Commercial Road ,South Yarra.

Gaijin serves the best sushi ever and at a reasonable price too.
One of their specialties is their coconut crunch sushi.
Trust me, order anything with coconut crunch and you will not regret it.

Baked dynamite roll

Sushi and Sashimi combo
This one is my ultimate favourite:
Tasmanian Roll

Gyoza- nothing special though
Soft shell crab roll
Another one of my favourite, the scallop crunch! See the beige coloured bits? That's the coconut crunch. Yum!! Posting these pictures is making me so hungry now...
L: Coconut Crunch Spicy Scallop R :Teriyaki Beef Roll

Random picture of my current favourite ring:
Aldo ring

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