Meet Rusty

Say hello to the newest addition to my family, Rusty:

Oh hello there! I'm Rusty.
Rusty's of a toy poodle breed and both his parents are from Taiwan.
That makes him a Malaysian born Taiwanese pup. 

When we first got him, he was so tiny and looked very... fragile but very cute and adorable nonetheless.

Everyone was so excited and happy at Rusty's arrival except for one person.....
And that person is my Mom.

We thought, who could resist such a cute lil' precious thing? 
Let's just try and convince Mom that she will come to love him soon enough. 
It has been almost 4 months now since Rusty's been in the household. 

Guess who Rusty listens to the most?
None other than the person who was against the idea of his presence in our house, yup that's right, my Mom!

I'm so glad Mom has warmed up so much to Rusty now.

I miss this little fella so so much. Can't wait to see him in June!
Apparently he's not so little now.
Compared to the very first time we met him, he's much fatter now! (and healthier too!)

Ok I know this last picture is of a horrendous picture quality, but look at how he seeks for attention!