New Direction

It's official.
I'm quitting my job at the end of April this year. (the thought of not having income after April is nerve wrecking! OMG!)

Often people questioned, why do you wanna quit?

Firstly, you have a job, not the best, but a decent job.
Secondly, it pays your bills, not enough but still covers the basic expenses.
Thirdly, it's applications, rejections and interviews all over again.


In my opinion, you can never get the same satisfaction from doing what you truly love and enjoy.
True, you can achieve your company's goals, but what about your own goals?
True, you can feel a sense of achievement after you've successfully acquire a new project, but will it feed your own definition of achievement?

That's why I've taken that difficult first step of quitting and letting go what I had to venture into what I truly want.

Here's to hoping that it will go well!
Wish me luck.

Fingers crossed! :)