Ahoy Sailor!

My sister's 21st birthday is coming up (very soon!) and I've decided to plan a birthday party for her.
The theme that she chose was Nautical/Sailor Preppy.

We had a few more ideas before this (one was Purple and White) but we've decided to settle for this since her birthday dress is somewhat nautical-ish.

You will not believe how excited I am about this theme.
I am no Amy Atlas (only my all time favourite party stylists/designer) but I hope I can achieve a quarter of her fabulous stylish designs.

Like the ones below:
credit: celebrationsathomeblog
credit: twigandthistle
credit: mypersonalartist
I'm always at awe whenever I see her designs. It never fails to put a smile on my face. I love how she plays around with colours and make them work in harmony together.

Here are some of my inspirations for the party:
credit: birdsparty
credit: birdsparty
credit: thepartydress
credit: thecelebrationshoppe
credit: thecelebrationshoppe
credit: thecelebrationshoppe
credit: thecelebrationshoppe
credit: celebrationsathomeblog

The e-invitation card I made for the Facebook invite:

Does anyone knows where I can get cheap party supplies in Melbourne? Or any online Australian party suppliers?