Ken Duncan: Photography

Now I'm sure a lot of you have heard of Mel Gibson's movie "Passion of Christ" but you might not have heard of Ken Duncan, the photographer who shot a series of stills for the movie.

Well I didn't until last weekend.
Ken Duncan is a renowned landscape photographer from Australia whose work is well known throughout the country and overseas.
I had the opportunity to attend one of his many many talks and have a look at his photography.

It was ah-ma-zing!

His work was showcased on a panoramic huge screen up on stage. Every picture he took has a story behind it and wow, I was blown away, so I had to share it here. :)
If you love landscape photography, you will love his work.

I couldn't find the all the photographs he shared with us that day in normal sizes, most of them are small and pixelated (the big ones are not downloadable, are copyrighted and protected from leechers,like me, DUH!) so here are the available free wallpapers from his website:

Here are the tiny version of the photographs he took that I love:
Siesta Beach, Florida USA
Shades of Autumn, Vermont
Shelley Beach Portsea 1 & 2
Lightning over Jerusalem
The power of one, Africa
All images credit:
Here's a picture of me and the talented photographer:

I am not one to approach a famous person or celebrity unless someone is with me, or that someone does the approaching for me. In this case, my boyf did. (hehe, I'm generally a very shy person -_-)

What do you think of his photography?