Sereni & Shentel: Custom Blair

Approximately a month and a half ago I was raving about Gucci's Spring 2011 colour blocking here.
I know there is no way I can afford the whole ensemble Camille Belle was wearing:
So I thought, if I can't afford it, I can get something inspired by it and instantly I thought of Sereni & Shentel's custom blair. I quickly emailed them (whilst I was at work) Camille Belle's picture and asked if they were able to make me a Custom Blair based on the colours. On the same day, they replied me and said YES. Woohoo!

They've given me two options to choose from. One was a purple base and the other was a turquoise base.

credit: sereniandshentel
If you didn't already know, Sereni & Shentel is a well established designer headband brand from Borneo. I first heard of Sereni & Shentel last year and after checking out their amazing website, I was hooked ever since.

This would be my third headband from them! :)

I've decided to go for the purple base instead:

Bhr42C on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

I love it!!
It took 2 months for it to reach me cause I was being a cheapo and shipped it back to KL instead cause it's FREE! I got my parents to bring it to Melbourne for me. 

Together with the Sereni & Shentel headband, came other stuff too: 

My first ever Miu Miu box! ahhh.. now my life is complete :P (just kidding)

This baby here was sold out in Melbourne within the first few weeks it was displayed in store. I swear Miu Miu stuff in Melbourne (the popular ones) sells very quickly. Every time I go to Miu Miu at DJ, the sales lady will ALWAYS tell me, "Sorry this is the last one we have, if you don't get it now, it will be gone SOON." O_O
Lucky for me, one of Dad's friend went to Italy and offered to get it for me. Woohoo!

Happy Friday everyone! :)