Sunday Brunch at Millswyn

I love brunches. 
I can have it any day of the week but I reckon Sunday is the best day to have brunch, especially with a few good friends.
This time, I was introduced to The Millswyn.

It's located on Millswyn Street in Melbourne. (Directly opposite the Royal Botanical Gardens)

The exterior of this place looks like a house:

In fact, the interior of the restaurant is so cosy, it feels like you're in someone else's house.
One that belongs to a very prim and proper person who loves flowers and the colour white:

Some visuals from The Millswyn:

The food was really good.
The sausage and mash was mine and oh boy, the mash potato melts in your mouth like butter.
I highly recommend this place for those who enjoy brunches (with nice ambience) as much as I do.

We proceeded to St. Kilda Beach to soak up some sun:
Knit Sweater: DFO Southwharf, Dress: Shakuhachi, Necklace: Emily Green, Socks and Shoes: Sportsgirl, Bag: Bimba&Lola.

Normally, I'll edit my pictures to tweak it to right colour that i like but I didn't do so with the picture below. I love the colours of the clear blue sky that day:

Looking at all these pictures make me miss the warmer weather in Melbourne.