Winter came early

I've been so busy lately. There's so much to update but so little time.

The parentals are currently in town to celebrate my sister's 21st this week! *Yeay*
I've been spending lots of time with them, just the way I like it.
But I think I spent a lil too much time with them than I should have cause I still have so much birthday prep to do before Adrina's party this Saturday... *yikes*

Melbourne's current weather condition doesn't help my situation at all.
It drops down to 3-5 degree Celsius at night and in the suburbs of Victoria, -0 degree Celsius!!
And it's not even Winter yet...!

All I wanna do is curl up on my couch, with my blanket and a cuppa hot tea in my hands. Ahhh.. bliss.

On the way to work on a wet, cold rainy afternoon. :(
p/s: I do update my tumblr on a regular basis though. :)