Hong Kong 2011 Highlights

Finally had the time to sit down and relax after all the travelling that I've been doing.
It's so nice to spend some quality time with the family. 
I've also been hanging out, A LOT with this fella:

Some pictures from my recent Hong Kong trip:
The street in front of our hotel

Soft serve ice cream @ a Japanese dessert place
Afternoon tea @ Peninsula Hotel:

We waited for a good 1.5 hours just to try their oh so famous afternoon tea they served at The Lobby. 

I'm glad to say we weren't disappointed at all. It was finger licking good but maybe a tad too pricey.

World's most awesome fries:

Afternoon tea set for two:

Scones at Miss Marples are better though:

Complimentary macaroons:

Dim Sum@ Tu Lou
"Ho Yip Fan- Glutinous rice in Lotus Leaf":

Custard buns:

Super yummy "Tau Foo Fah- Beancurd custard" dessert @ The Sweet Dynasty:

Yours truly & her food hunting partner:

Scrumptious Portuguese egg tart @ Macau Restaurant:

"Wong Tai Sin" temple:

Dinner at Yung Kee Restaurant, Central: 

 "Siew Ngor- Roasted Goose":

Melts-in-your-mouth Sashimi (and very cheap too!!) @ Sen Ryo:

"Ha Zi Lou Meen- Shrimp Roe Dry Noodles":
I highly recommend this dish. It was really good!

Egg custard dessert in egg shell @ 5 Generation Dessert Specialist:

The 7-11 culture in Hong Kong is so ridiculous. So much so, that I wished Melbourne has the same culture. I loved it! They sell almost everything there.
This is the biggest 7-11 I've ever seen in my life, at HKIA:

 The entire Haagen-Dazs range:

A variety of microwavable food at your convenience:

Lastly, the beautiful view @ Victoria Harbour. Absolutely breath taking:

Us :)

When you go to Hong Kong, it's not just about the food, it's also about the shopping!
There were so many things to look at, so many things to buy, but we just didn't have enough time.

My main target was to browse through the whole of Sasa....... Mission failed!!
However, I did manage to grab some stuff.

Some of my buys from Hong Kong:
Ps: The scarf on the far left, we bought for 25HKD @ Fa Yuen Street . Giordano was selling it for around 50HKD to 70HKD (can't really remember). What a steal!

Rabbit bracelet.
Favourite find in Hong Kong.

Made famous by ViVi's model Lena Fujii.