Back in Melbourne

Just touched down in Melbourne yesterday.
It's about time I get back to reality after all the fun I had travelling and bumming around back home.

Melbourne wasn't as cold as I expected it to be.
But I know I shouldn't speak so soon cause it will get worse.

Even though I dread coming back here but there are things and people that I miss here:

Coffee! Melbourne's coffee is the best, you really can't argue with that.
Macaroons! Especially the black sesame flavoured ones.
Brunch @ Animal Orchestra 
Kimchi Hot Pot!
Hopetoun's Tea Room

Vanilla Slice @ Hopetoun Tea Room - it is to die for.

Beautiful architecture of Melbourne City
Shopping @ Forever New
Tiramisu @ Giraffe Cafe

It is good to be back.
Work starts tomorrow. 
Let's hope I don't have mountains of files on my desk. 

Hope you all had a nice day.