Featured On: {Oh, prettyful: Accidental Friendship}

Currently feeling very under the weather. I'm down with the nasty cold & flu and I sound like a man right now- not good. Thank God for scheduled posts! This would be my last update before the big move this weekend and I will not have access to the internet for a week!

Oh, the horror!! But hopefully, I get access to internet else where and will be able to update.
Hope everyone will have a lovely weekend and stay healthy!

At the mean time, hope on over to the gorgeous blog of Vic from Oh, so prettyful to read my feature there.
I'm so honoured that Vic, one of the ladies that runs the amazing FTLOB blog, decided to feature me and especially during her busiest period.

So glad you stumbled upon my blog Vic. :)

Please click here to visit her pretty blog and read my feature.

p/s: Do you have any home remedy for cold & flu? Camomile tea with honey used to work for me, now it just doesn't and I have no idea why. Drop me a comment and let me know if you have one. I am dying to know. Thank you! :)