Food: Bimbo Deluxe Bar

Lately, it seems that most of my blog posts are all about food!
This blog is slowly but surely, turning into a food review blog.
Gotta think of something else to blog about while I edit my USA travel photos. I've forgotten how time consuming it is to edit a full photo post. I promise it's coming soon.

Now, let me introduce you to one of my favourite Pizza places in Melbourne...

Bimbo Deluxe Bar

It's not exactly a Pizza place, it's really just a bar which serves awesome Pizza. Not only are their Pizzas really good, they are really cheap too- on certain hours of  certain days!
On normal days, their Pizzas would cost around $5.90 to $7.90 but on these days:
Yup, that's right. All pizzas are for $4 only.

The place is pretty dark so if you're the type of person who wants to SEE your food, I'm sorry but this place is not for you. For me, I normally take a picture with flash mode on so I can see what is being served to me before I indulge. :)

The Menu:

Our orders:
L-R: Il Camberetto, Caesar Salad and Funghi.

Caesar salad Pizza. I think this is the only place that makes caesar salad pizza. 
It doesn't look very appealing, but it tasted good.

I love the wall decor in their toilet. 
How cute is the bimbo mascot?

They also have a roof deck decorated with pretty lights for you to chill out:

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