Food:{MART-What's MART spelled backwards?}

That's right, it's TRAM :)

MART 130 is actually located in an old station master's building at tram stop 130 (Middle Park stop).
It's another one of your quirky Melbourne cafe's that has people talking around town.

It is one of the best breakfast places in Melbourne.
Awesome coffee, perfectly poached eggs and decorated with fresh flowers on each table.
What more can I ask?

Expect to wait for at least 20-30 minutes during weekend, especially if you have more than 5 people.
The best time to go would be during mid morning on weekdays.

They are well known for their oven baked corn fritters. Friends have raved about it but I've never tried it before because I'm not a big fan of corn. But if you like corn, then I would highly recommend it to you.

I almost never order anything else for breakfast except for poached eggs.
They're my absolute favourite kind of eggs (fried eggs come to a close second).
Poached eggs with avocado, bacon and hollandaise sauce

Poached eggs with mushrooms

Poached eggs with Chorizo sausage

Lemon Tart
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Have a lovely Friday peeps :)
p/s: I'll miss my current apartment's elevator's full length mirror when I move. 
I am yet to find a full length mirror, that I like, for my new place.

Yeah, I am pretty vain.