Interior decoration books

See I love reading books, but I have to say I prefer looking at pictures rather than reading.
You can tell from the way I blog :)

Interior design/ decoration books and magazines are the ones that I would look out for whenever I visit a bookstore (besides fashion magazines of course). I've never bought books online before because I prefer going into a bookstore physically to purchase them. That way I can have a preview of what I'm purchasing and see if it's worth investing.

However, for the book that I wanted to purchase, it's a bit expensive to buy it off the shelves so I decided to buy it online since AUD rates are pretty good.
I just placed my order on for two interior decoration books! *excited*

The first one is Decorate by Holly Becker from decor8blog:

credit: murdochbooks
I've been following her blog for years and finally she decided to publish a home decor book! 
Of course I'm gonna get it!! 
If you haven't already heard of decor8blog, please click on the link and check it out.

The second book is Romantic Prairie Style by Fifi O'neil:
Now this one I bought solely cause of the name and the picture on the cover. Fingers crossed, this will be good.

Both books will be arriving around mid September. Just in time for my birthday! :) I'm so excited!!