New blog address

Hi everyone,

I've decided to get a .com for my blog cause my current blog address kinda annoys me. This blog address has been stuck with me since my teens (seriously, bombshell? what was I thinking? Haha) and I think it's about time I change it since it doesn't reflect my blog anymore.

So in the next couple of days, my blog may be in a transition period and the Google Friend Connect button wouldn't be working right. (Future new followers, please bare with me )
I've done my research and apparently everything stays as it is after the transition period. Incoming links to this blog will automatically be directed to the new address.
I apologise in advance for any disruptions during this period.

My new blog address will be :

image credit: Olivia from love,life and pictures.
p/s: please visit her blog for some amazing photography! 

Hope everyone is enjoying your day so far! :)