Packing 4.5 years of my life

I'm in the midst of moving at the moment and boy, moving has never been this stressful.

Countless sleepless nights, driving back and fourth from the old place to the new, organising steam cleaning for the old and new place, and the worst bit- packing 4.5 years of my life, is never easy.
Lucky for me, I have J. He's such a sweetheart. He's been doing all those above and much more while all I did was pretty much packing and cleaning.
I know he'll be reading this so thank you dear :)

My current apartment and I, we have a bitter sweet relationship.
I hate how the hallway to my apartment smells like rubbish every single day and the inconsiderate neighbours who doesn't know how to throw rubbish down the chute properly.

However, I do like the fact that it's centrally located and I have easy access to everything. (i.e. Tram, Restaurants, Market).
Another is the spectacular view from my balcony.

I think I appreciate the view more now that I'm moving out to a landed property.

Have an awesome week everyone. 
Thanks to those who suggested remedies for the nasty cold & flu (I'm still recovering *sniff sniff*).
I'm definitely trying the garlic remedy the next time.

p/s: These pictures were not edited except for the rounded edges.