Sydney 2011: Travel Photos

*Warning: Super long picture post*

May/June 2011

Sydney's beautiful during Autumn. 

It was my first time there during Autumn (usually I'm there during Summer) and I must say, I think I prefer Sydney in Autumn. 

This trip to Sydney was also all about the food, besides 

Vivid Sydney


Of course, a little shopping here and there too. :)

We arrived a tad earlier than the rest so we had to settle our own breakfast. I was given the task to suss out a good breakfast place. I did some research and found Mad Spuds Cafe @ Surry Hills:

It was too early in the morning for a big breakfast, so we decided to share a 'Boxty- an Irish traditional potato pancake':

Very yummy!

We had some more time to kill so we decided to shop around a bit. Found a really cute stationery shop next door to Mad Spuds Cafe:

Also on our Sydney to-do list was to visit Adriano Zumbo's pastry shop in Balmain. Actually it was on my to-do list. Balmain was a bit out of our schedule but I've heard raves about it so I've always wanted to go. If you haven't already know, Adriano Zumbo is one of Australia's best pastry chefs. :) 

J wanted to surprise me by bringing me to a "secret" location, but obviously we had to hail a cab to get there and he also had to tell the driver our destination. So yeah, surprised no more! 

Good effort though. 

Everything in the store is so pretty. I was tempted to buy the whole store!

Macaroons galore:

One of our cakes were ruined by the time we got back to our hotel... :(

The box was too big for 3 little cakes. I would've thought a well-known patisserie will have a better box to keep the cakes in shape. 

Oh well, they were still yummilicious though:

Outfit check before dinner time:

We went to our regular Korean place in Sydney. 

It's called Sun's Kitchen. If you like fried chicken, I would highly recommend this place.

Best "Jajangmyun" ever:

Kimchi hot pot: 

Fried Chicken:

Next up is Chinatown.

I haven't been to Sydney's Chinatown before even though I have been there countless times.

I mean, it's Chinatown, how special can it get right?

Well, I was wrong. 

There's a dessert place there called 'Meet Fresh' which serve the best sweet potato and yam dessert:

There were also lots of cutesy shops around Chinatown:

Domokun!!! :)

I'm not a big fan of soft toys. But this particular bear killed me!

Me and my favourite bear, Rillakumma:  

<3 <3 so cute!

Before we knew it, it was supper time!

Like I said, this trip was ALL about the food :) 

One of our friends recommended "Chat Thai" to us, so we decided to give that a go too.

And boy, did we had the best food there!!

Hungry, tired from the long wait and grumpy cause the food is not here yet.

Pad thai:

Papaya salad:

Here comes our favourite dish of the night. 

It was so SO good. 

They only serve this for their dinner menu though:

Fried Chinese doughnut with Kaya dipping sauce.

Thai Iced Milk Tea:

Sweet potato balls:

Spicy Thai glass noodles with seafood:

More food pictures:

Sydney's fish market was also one of our regular Sydney stop.

They have the best yellowtail/king fish sashimi there.

The sashimi is ice cold but still so tender and it melts in your mouth in an instant. Yummm!

Best and cheap sashimi: 

Barbecued seafood skewers:

Very very yum!!

I know you want some! :)

When we were there, Zara was still pretty new in Sydney. Therefore, we decided to check it out. 

It was still very packed despite it being opened for a month or two already.

I  normally shop in Zara back in Malaysia but thought, I wouldn't be back for a while so might as well shopped a little since we don't have Zara in Melbourne at that time. (Zara Melbourne recently opened its doors-Woohoo!). Plus, each Zara in different countries stocks different merchandise.

I love love love this neon pink skirt. Perfect for the colour blocking trend:

I shall end this post with more pretty pictures of Sydney. Have a

great day

ahead peeps!

Next travel post:

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