Birthday Presents

I feel so loved this birthday!
I got almost everything I listed on my birthday wish list for 2011.

I honestly didn't think any of my loved ones would go through my birthday wish list and actually buy the listed items for me. It's a wish list, it's supposed to stay that way!

I am still smiling from ear to ear. I'm so very lucky to be surrounded with the people that I love, who love me just as much. *bliss*

Now time for presents.

Fiorelli bag and a 'love' jar from my sister.
Paper Style by Cristina Re.
from J
Green with Envy Chunky ring
from my bestie SS
House of Harlow 1960 sunburst necklace
from J
The necklace was perfect for the outfit I wore for my friend's church wedding, which was on the same day as my birthday.
Gallo by Thian chiffon top
from my dearest Mom
Vintage tea cup set by Royal Albert
from  my partner in crime, Cheryl

This was my ultimate birthday present. I was so shocked when I received it!
YSL Arty ring in Coral
from J
On my birthday I attended one of my close friends' wedding. 
I had to share this picture cause she looked absolutely stunning on that night.
Congratulations again Mr and Mrs Hang.
I'm wearing Gallo by Thian.
Okay this is random and totally unrelated.
My friend took a picture of me pretending to drink soup and I thought my hair looked nice that day.

Even though I didn't celebrate my birthday this year, I still had lots of fun.
Also, the presents made up for it.

This picture was from my birthday last year. I had a pink/purple/hello kitty (as a joke) themed party.
I think I aged a little. 

Hope everyone will have a lovely weekend.

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