Birthday Surprise #1: Breakfast at Wombat Hill House

 This year, J decided to have an experience sort of celebration rather than just showering me with gifts.
Each year, he never failed to surprise me over and over again. This is our 8th year celebrating my birthday together and every year he insists on surprising me (though sometimes it doesn't work out right, cause I like to be in control and am very nosy hehe). I am a lucky girl to have him.

Ok enough of mushiness.

Birthday surprise #1 was breakfast in Daylesford at this amazing cafe called Wombat Hill House.
It's a cafe by the very famous chef and restaurant owner of The Lake House, Alla Wolf-Tasker, in Victoria.

Wombat Hill House
Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens
Daylesford 3460 Victoria

It takes approximately an hour and a little more to reach there from Melbourne city, it's advisable to go there by car and on a weekday so you don't get stuck in traffic.
This place is worth the trip.

The atmosphere is very laid back and well decorated. There are 3 seating areas, in the main cafe, outdoor and also at the gardens.

The food, as expected, was great! I had the Salmon Bagel whilst J had the breakfast pizza. We were both happy campers after that.

Of course, I have to have my usual latte to go with my breakkie :)

 I looked like this in the morning:

 But right after the breakfast, I looked like this:
All smiles! :)
Birthday- Day outfit:
Dust pink blazer: H&M (US)
Top: Gallo by Thian
Jeans: Cheap Mondays
Shoes: Hong Kong
Clutch: Miu Miu
Sunnies: Ray Ban 

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